Social Media Assessment Monitoring and Technology

Information Operations and the Power of Media

Our multilingual, multidisciplinary and diverse team has full understanding of social media trends, user interactions, gauging sentiments, maximize performance and communications and analyze and track tendencies and directions. Our team members worked in Information Operations programs where they helped governments deliver strategic messaging and ensure wider outreach adn impact to greater and bigger audiences. Our deep underusing of the cultures and social norms helped us excel in this dimension and add great value to our clients.

Who is This For

From inception, to scheduling, to location, to cost, to VIP protocols; we are your project partner. ASI has successfully managed projects in a number of venues to include the Middle East.

C-Level Executives
GR & Public Affairs Managers
PR Managers

Our Costumers

We provide government related services at the highest levels with utmost accuracy and confidentiality 

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